Tuesday, November 27, 2012

REVIEW: OUTPOST by Anne Aguirre



Razorland Book 2

AMAZING , AMAZING, AMAZING!!! I inhaled this book! Ann has elevated the YA trilogy to wonderful heights. This book succeeds on so many levels. Full of action with strong plot and characters. In this book Deuce, Fade, Tegan and stalker adapt to life in the fort of Salvation. In this homestead, humans have recaptured a semblance of normal yet restrictive life.

Deuce doesn't do well with the new restrictions. Everything about Salvation is counter to what Deuce has learned as a Huntress. They want her to wear dresses, braid her air and keep to "womanly" pursuits like cooking and needlework.

To make things worse Tegan is adapting to the new life so much so she wants a break from her friendship with Deuce and Fade has been more an more distant from her as the months pass.

What I love so much about Deuce is her courage and ability to not let situations stew. Deuce finds the strength to confront Fade on his actions and opens the door to a love she she never dreamed of.

As Deuce begins to care for her foster family she struggles to find a way to fit into their world without losing the essence of herself. So Deuce decides to apply for the Summer Patrols a group who protects the farmers outside of the settlements.

Yet this season is different than any other. The Freaks are acting strangely, they are more organized and vicious. So much so that the town needs to build an outpost to ensure the crops make it through the season. Fade, Stalker and Deuce are the lead fighters in the crew and through their efforts the find a startling discovery: A horde of Freaks is moving closer to Salvation and their numbers are overwhelming,

This series just keeps getting better and better. Anne has tremendous skill in plotting breathtaking action with emotional scenes that resonate deeply with the reader. I loved watching the characters develop in this book, Anne takes the traditional YA love triangle and turns it on it's ear. Their are attributes to Stalker and Fade that will match with her for the long term. Neither man is completely revealed to her and she has complicated feelings for them both.

I'm so looking forward to the final book in this series. A must read!!


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