Saturday, December 8, 2012

12 Days: Day 8: How To Slow Down The Holiday Season


Are you feeling it yet? That Holiday pressure? The  Holiday season seems to pass so fast. So here are some tips to slow down and also have fun with friends and family.


Download some new books on your e-reader , stop by your local library for an audio book, block an afternoon this weekend and participate in the Holiday Readathon :)

Book of Days

I started a morning ritual this week. I sit still for a fem minutes and read from an inspirational book. Books like Simple Abundance have special poems and  inspirations. I'm reading Yoga Gems for the month of December. 

Puzzles & Games
I just started the puzzle below and also have been doing word search and Where's Waldo puzzles.
 What about you guys? Any tips to slow down and enjoy the season?
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fredamans said...

I start every morning with my bible and devotional.

Fiery Na said...

I feel the most pressure when I'm out for the crowds. I like to take a step back and be someplace quiet, like my home. I read and spend time with my family. We still enjoy the holidays but at a slower pace. The holidays are flying by it seems :)

Orchid said...

Yes, right now we are celebrating Advent, which does a lot to help one prepare for the Christmas season with prayers and reflection. =)

Stephanie said...

Baking therapy. There is something very comforting about being in the kitchen this time of year.

Mary Preston said...

A cup of tea & a chat work wonders for me.