Sunday, December 2, 2012

12 Days Holiday Romance :Cupid's Christmas by Bette Lee Crosby


Brent Pine Publishing

Who knew poor Cupid had to work so hard?! Let go of those misconceptions that all it takes is a well placed arrow. In Cupids Christmas we meet two of Cupid's charges : John and Eleanor. Cupid has been working on these two for quite some time. Since their college days the potential for love has been a possibility between the two.

Eleanor's choice in colleges temporarily closed that possibility for them both. So the two parted found other loves, had families and also lived through the deaths of those spouses. Now here they are in their golden years once again in love.

Their only obstacles? Two adult children filled with suspicion and personal pain that blocks them from accepting that their parents are moving on.

Lindsay Gray John's daughter is the larger of the two problems. Oh Lindsay I shook my head right along with the very frustrated Cupid. In a matter of days Lindsay looses her job, love and apartment. It is all apart of the grand plan of the Life Management department. Lindsay understandably is upset yet when she returns home to stay with her father her anger turns to jealously and outrage at the happiness her father has found.

So now Cupid must fight to keep Eleanor and John together help Eleanor's son heal his angry heart and lead Lindsay to a love that is worthy of her.

I really liked Cupid's narrative voice in this book, he is a bit snarky, very stressed by Lindsay's choices and yet maneuvers situations that fulfill his charges and his ultimate goal: To find them love.

There were a few unexpected twists in this book and a heartwarming conclusion that will warm your heart .

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Fiery Na said...

I like that Cupid is snarky and has a personlity that is not just soft and bubbly. The couple he is in charged with sounds like they have an emotional story. If they do work out it makes it all the sweeter :)

Mary Preston said...

You do get a certain image when Cupid is mentioned.

Carol L. said...

I liked your review and this story is one I'd love to read. Thanks.
Carol L
Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com