Sunday, December 9, 2012

12 Days Review: The Dinosaurs Night Before Christmas by Muecke & Hale


This is a cute combination of the holiday spirit and Dinosaurs! A young boy living across the street form a Natural History Museum notices some strange things going on in the Dinosaur wing on Christmas Eve. As the young boy watches the skeletons begin to move and become transformed into living , breathing dinosaurs who want to celebrate! There is mistletoe and eggnog and a visit from Santosaurus!

Gorgeous illustrations and a fun CD filled with Dinosaur themed songs. Lots of fun.
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Fiery Na said...

I like dinosaurs stories. The Land Before time movies were one of my favorite movies growing up. A Christmas-themed one is new to me. Thank you for all your reviews.

Mary Preston said...

Dinosaurs and Christmas - of course. I love the inclusion of a CD.