Saturday, December 8, 2012

12 Days Review: Where's Waldo Santa Spectacular



I Don't think I will ever out grow my love of Children's and activity books! When I saw this book at Michael's I had to snap it up!

This book is full of quizzes, mazes and puzzles that all have stickers. There is also a lot of hidden Waldo's to find and a tri-fold canvas that you can use to create your own Waldo scene.

So much fun for kids and Adults! The stickers are also easily removable so you can recreate scenes over and over.

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fredamans said...

I love Waldo books!

Fiery Na said...

I haven't read a Waldo book in so long but they were always so much fun to read. Thanks for reminding me.

Stephanie said...

These books were some of my favorites from childhood.

Orchid said...

Waldo, now there is something I haven't heard about in what feels like ages. I always had fun trying to find him.

Mary Preston said...

We are a family that loves puzzles & teasers.