Sunday, December 23, 2012

Review: The Christmas Cookie Chronicles: Carrie & Raylene, by Lori Wilde


Novella's like this series are one of the reasons why I love my E-reader! Novella's are also a great way to try a new Author at a great price. This novella was only 99 cents and well worth it. The story takes place in Twilight Texas a town known for reuniting past lovers. In fact there is a huge statue to Jon Grant and Rebbecca Nash two of Twilight's ancestors who overcome many hardships to finally be together.
Many couples in the town have made a wish at Jon &; Rebecca's fountain to miraculous results. Except for Carrie. Over 8 years ago Carries lost her true love Mark after a whirlwind courtship,and quickie marriage in Vegas. Yet reality quickly set in as Mark receives a college scholarship and Carrie claims the marriage was a mistake and lets him go.
Now Mark is returning to Twilight, heading a new Myth busting TV show that thrives on pulling out the truth from the fantasy of miraculous locations. Time has failed to cool the ardor between Carrie and Mark and now his job threatens to destroy the towns tourism community. Will the magic of Jon and Rebbecca be able to bring these two together?
It's rare I read contemporary romance, I prefer historical and paranormal ones best, but this series really appealed to me. I was really drawn into the characters and situations and there was some great romantic tension :)
Give these books a try! Look for more reviews from this series later in the week.

In this volume we meet Raylene who is struggling with the Holiday season. It is the year anniversary of her husband leaving her due to some past secrets coming to light. Though here friends try to cheer her up Raylene continues to feel despondent. Then a young woman walks into her bar seeking employment, a woman Raylene feels strangely connected to.  As secrets come to light these two women heal past hurts and find new and renewed love. Another great read from Lori, I've become quite a fan of hers :)

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