Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Harper Teen Impulse Spotlight: Review Stupid Perfect World by Scott Westerfeld








Harper Teen






I’m really enjoying these e-novellas from Harper Teen. Stupid Perfect World is a  wonderful short from one of my favorite authors. In a future where humanity is cared for on many levels students get a mandatory look at their past through the mandatory Scarcity class. Our story opens during an important event in the class , Project proposal day. On this day the students pick a disability to experience for two weeks. These conditions can range from blindness, the common cold, the inability to teleport and for our main character Kieran: Sleep.


Kieran finds it incredible that his ancestors slept eight hours a night. He aims for three hours a night. Kieran struggles with his sleep schedule in the beginning. He finds support and guidance in his fellow student Maria who has chosen to spend two weeks without hormone balancers. Soon Kieran is experiencing the world differently. His perspective shifts and he finds him self drawn to Maria. These two form a connection that will have far reaching ripples in their lives.


I really enjoyed this story. Scott is a master world builder and character developer. In just a few short pages the reader understands the marvels of Kieran and Maria’s worlds and are connected to the characters. I was fully engaged with the changes the both the characters were experiencing together and apart. This is a perfect introduction to a talented writer and a joy for long time Westerfeld fans.

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