Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Geeky Week: Graphic Novel Review-a-palooza!




I’ve read some amazing graphic novels in the last couple of weeks here are some mini- reviews:





In a futuristic Los Angeles where power lies in the hands of the most prominent chefs, Jiro runs a small restaurant on the fringes of The Center. Jiro is a gifted sushi chef with a quick trigger response to disrespect. One can literally lose ones head in his presence.  When Jiro is brought to the attention of two rival chefs Bob and Rose, an all out war rages between two different culinary worlds. Now Jiro must use his smarts and knife skills to come out of it alive. Really great read! I loved the art by Foss and Villarrubia. The story was interesting and tied up quite nicely.



Dark Horse Comics


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I got both of these on my nook and really enjoyed them. the Omnibus reprints issues  1-27 of the original comics from Marvel. It was so much fun rereading these issues. It’s amazing the creative directions the authors took with the characters. I have to admit it was funny that Leia wore the same dress in every issue:) I’m looking forward to reading all these Omnibus editions.


Infinities  was a series I wasn’t familiar with. Its a kind of What If set of stories that changes one thing and then play our the story in a whole new way. In this volume that story starts with the Rebellion failing to destroy the DeathStar. I really enjoyed this book, especially the new direction that Leia takes as a prisoner of the Empire. I also enjoyed watching Han and Luke grow their friendship without the presence of the Rebellion and without their favorite Princess.




DC Comics


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I have a  nostalgia for pre- New 52 Comic books. I had a lot of fun reading these GN’s . Ra’s Al Ghul is one of  Batman’s most personal foes. Ra’s daughter Talia is one of the few women to touch Bat’s heart and even the mother of his only son Damien. In this GN collection we learn about all the manipulations it took to bring Ras back to life. We have all the Bat’s family involved: Robin, Damien and Nightwing and some wonderful action scenes. I would love to see some more of Ghul in the future.


Gotham City Sirens was a series I wasn’t aware existed. This first volume by Paul Dini bring three interesting ladies together. Catwoman has always walked the line between hero and villain. Ivy and Harley have both graced the halls of Arkham Asylum due to their crimes. These three ladies decide to join forces as a means of protection and mutual support. But how can they truly trust each other?  Its so cool that these DC ladies had a series to spotlight their strengths. Dini has a wonderful take on the women's personalities. You can easily see what would draw them together and how their faith and trust are sorely tested. Definitely a series worth catching up on. All these books have been around for a while so be sure to hit up your library, e-reader or comic shop to check them out.

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