Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Geeky Week: Women of Aspen Comics

I've been catching up on some great Aspen reads lately and have some press info on some upcoming books. Learn more about these books and Aspen related news Here

Lady Mechanika

I've heard a lot of buzz about this series and now issues 0-2 are available on the nook. Gorgeously illustrated, this steampunk story has a wonderful female lade and some great Horror/Mystery elements. Creator Joe Benitez and Aspen have amicably parted ways but back issues and digital versions are still available. Learn more about Joe HERE 


The New Aspen title Charismagic has a special cover for Valentine's Day. This is an interesting series, worth checking out. I'm still getting a handle on all the characters but the magical components of the story are really interesting.



There are a lot of interesting characters in this series. Part of Aspen's 10 for 10 ( a sort of reboot for books in celebration of Aspens 10th anniversary.)
Releasing March 13th Issue one has a great price point of $1.00.



JamPoster copy[1]

Executive Assistant

The series Assassins brings a lot of the Assistants together and not in a very friendly manner! Rose is at the center of this tale as she comes into conflict with some equally talented foes. This series has some really great characters. I also enjoyed the look of the characters in this book. In the past I've been a bit turned off by some of the characters outfits and positioning of their bodies. It didn't do justice to the fine writing and great concept of the series.


So here are some of the female characters I'm enjoying at Aspen. Check them out!

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