Saturday, February 9, 2013

Series Love Review: Nerd Girls: A Catastrophe of Nerdish Proportions

Disney Hyperion
Book 2 In the Nerd Girls Series


The Nerd Girls are Back! If you haven’t read book one in this series : Rise of the Dorkasaurus  don’t worry this book is very new reader friendly. Once again we check in with Maureen, Alice and Beanpole as they navigate the hazards of eighth grade. The story kicks off with Maureen impulsively stealing a note book from one of the dreaded ThreePees, a popular trio of girls who often make the girls lives miserable.

Maureen thinks the girls are keeping a “slam” book and decides to liberate their nasty writings. Maureen however is wrong. the pilfered book is not what it seems and her mistake leads the ThreePees to exact a revenge. The Nerd girls retaliate and the ensuing pranks put both groups at risk for expulsion.

The Principal comes up with a suitable punishment: force both groups to work together and represent the school in an Academic quiz show. As the girls struggle with the difficult ThreePees they also are facing difficulties in their personal lives. Maureen’s absentee father has returned and wasn't to make up for lost time . Alice feels empowered to conquer her allergies in order to help her mother worry less, and Beanpole? she is her normal optimistic and klutzy self.

This series is so much fun and yet as an Adult I can appreciate what a wonderful gift this book can be for middle grade/ Teen readers. Alan has a perfect grasp of the pre-teen mind. His characters are fully realized and authentic. I also love that the Nerd Girls  aren’t perfect. Maureen’s sarcasm is a shield for her struggles with her weight and junk food cravings and Alice is filled with guilt over the sacrifices her Mother takes  to keep her safe and healthy.

As the girls move closer to the competition all their issues come to the forefront of their lives. It is through honesty and support of each other that the girls can resolve their problems and take giant leaps ahead in their personal growth.

But the most important thing about this book is how fun it is! I spent so much time laughing while reading this book! Especially over Beanpoles antics and ThreePees Sophia who finds that she has much more in common with the nerd girls then her current clique.
A very solid read with a satisfying ending and some wonderful life lessons artfully wrapped in popular fiction! A joy for nerds young and old.

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