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My Geeky Week Review: BTOOOM! by Junya Inoue






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When it comes to Manga, covers really have the power to draw me in. Especially colorful ones like this. I’m not familiar with any of Junya’s other works but this cover made me want to know who this character is and what was going on.

BTOOOM is an action manga centered around a gaming team headed by Ryouta Sakamoto, a 22 year old unemployed gaming addict. The story opens with a glimpse of Ryouta and his team doing what they do best: Winning. In the midst of their next team challenge the story fades out from Sakamoto’s room and to a different location,  a serene forest with a sleeping Sakamoto hanging from a parachute. Stuck in a tree.


These set up pages where Sakamoto frees himself and discovers his surroundings,are gorgeously illustrated. There is such a lushness to the forest Sakamoto stumbles through, its amazing how the environment shines through the black and white illustrations. The idyllic environment soon changes as Sakamoto reaches the shoreline and realizes he is on an island. He has few supplies and a mysterious bag full of cubes. When Sakamoto mistakenly sets a cube off he realizes that they are bombs, very similar to  the ones in his favorite game. He also realizes he isn't alone.


There are others on the island, and his explosion has drawn them near. Near enough to kill. As Sakamoto’s memories come back we discover that he is a part of a group of men and woman of all ages who have been brought to the Island to play. Each of them is implanted with a glass chip in their hands and the first one to get seven chips wins. The only catch? The chips must be removed after death.

So what happens when a game becomes real and what will happen to Sakamoto if he refuses to play?


This was a really intriguing read. Since its a newer manga its a little expensive: $11.99 a volume but its a little cheaper digitally: $8.99. The story has a Hunger Games/ Battle Royale with a very interesting cast. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the story progresses.   


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