Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Product Review: Seeing Clearly with Firmoo Glasses






I have a confession. I haven't had a new pair of glasses in over 6 years! I know I know. I’m a contact lens girl. It’s a lot easier to wear contacts in my job as a massage therapist. Also since I don't need glasses to read it hasn't been a huge priority for me to get a new pair.

Another reason I hadn't gotten a new pair of glasses was because I really love my old frames. In the past I  have had a hard time picking frames and my current pair were picked for me by a very helpful sales clerk and look great on me.


So when the fine folks of Firmoo offered me a pair of free glasses in exchange for an honest review I took a chance and said yes. Once I visited the site I got really excited! I set up a free account and uploaded a picture . I HIGHLY suggest you do this because Firmoo allows you to superimpose frames over your picture to see how the glasses would look on you.


Picking the right glasses has always been a huge issue for me. Before my aforementioned frames I would always seem to pick the wrong frame and I've found that discounted eyeglass dispensers like Wal-Mart and Costco have very busy frames departments, and staff that don't really have much time to work with you.


So before I picked my frames from the selection Firmoo sent me for my free pair, I had a lot of fun “trying on” different pairs of glasses on the site.


Then I was ready to pick my frames! I tried all of them on my Avatar before I made my choice. I added the frames to my shopping cart and then proceeded to check out. You will need your prescription to enter in the check out screen, I couldn't find mine but was able to enter my contact lens info from the box and that worked perfectly!

One thing that I had never done before is required by Firmoo, and that's to enter a Bridge Distance upon checkout. I had never heard of this! There are handy directions to guide you but this number helps insure a good fit of your glasses.


It was very easy to checkout and when my contact from Firmoo saw my order registered the expedited my order.


Here is what my order looked like when I opened the package:


pictures 002  pictures 003


I was really impressed by the packaging ! They also included an eyeglass repair kit.


Here are the glasses on me:


pictures 005  


I really like them! They are very comfortable and I look forwarded to putting them on at the end of the day. Its hard to see in this pic but you can see above these frames have blue and black detailing on the side. I’m really impressed with the site and am contemplating my next pair. I do need a pair of Prescription sunglasses. Check out Firmoo HERE

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Michelle @ The True Book Addict said...

Great review, Kai! I was really pleased with Firmoo too. I'm loving my new glasses and I'm hoping I can save up and get some sunglasses too. They are a great company to deal with, in my opinion.

Your glasses look great!