Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review: Dead To You by Lisa McMann

Simon Pulse

In today’s literary world of trilogies their is something wonderful about a stand alone read, especially one by the mega talented Lisa McMann. This novel is narrated by sixteen year old Ethan. From the opening sentence the reader is drawn into the barely covered tension of Ethan’s world. After years of living with a toxic woman and on the streets Ethan has returned home. a home he hasn't visited since he was abducted over nine years ago.

Stumbling across his missing persons file online Ethan reaches out to the hotline number and is reunited with his family. Yet the transition isn't an easy one, Ethan has no memory of his childhood before the abduction. His frustration about his lack of memories and the growing suspicions of his brother cause him to lash out violently. The tension really revs up as the secrets of Ethan’s past become revealed.
!!!! Guys! I inhaled this book! Read it in one sitting and my pulse rate skyrocketed as it built to its climax. Lisa is a master at writing from a young adult point of view along with adding some wonderfully disturbing plot twists. Amazing read. 

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