Friday, March 8, 2013

Review: A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan







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There is a sense of timelessness to this read. From the Prologue we know Lady Trent is reflecting on the past yet the date : 11 Floris, 5658  which Isabella leaves at the end of her preface leaves the reader to wonder about her physical world. However Isabella’s  internal world is the jewel of this book. From her easiest years Isabella had a passion for Dragons. A very unladylike pursuit for a  women of her breeding. Yet Isabella has a passion that is not easily dissuaded.


With some help from her brother Isabella raids her fathers library, reading all the texts relevant to Dragon history. Knowledge feeds her passion and one reckless act brings her face to face with a Wolf-Drake specimen and almost costs her and another their lives.

It seems that Isabella’s life will take a more suitable path after her frightening experience, but fate and a Father’s love have other plans. Her father has found a list of potential suitors that would be open to a wife with a sharp mind and scientific passions. So Mr. Camherst enters Isabella's life and her heart. After her wedding Isabella finds she can be her true self around Jacob. She begins to study Sparkling dragons again has free access to her husbands library. Isabella's confidence has grown so much that she  has made connections that will allow her husband to be a part of a grand expedition to the mountains of Vystrana. As the trip draws closer Isabella makes her most daring gamble yet, she asks to be allowed to travel with the group. The gamble works and Isabella proves a worthy addition to the group. No one is prepared however for the challenges they find at journey’s end. It will be a trip that will resonate throughout the lives of all those present most notably Isabella.

This book had me at Dragons ;) However it wasn’t what I originally expected. The book moves at its own pace and the focus is more on Isabella than just constant Dragon action. Yet once the group reaches their destination the narrative really revved up as dark secrets are unearthed and painful separations occur. Definitely a book to be savored.



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