Friday, April 26, 2013

24 Hour Readathon: Final Update



I was sooo close! But around 1:30 I  couldnt keep my eyes open anymore!

So here are my final stats:

Total Books Read : 6

Total Hours Awake: 20

Hours Spent Cheering: 2

It was a blast and I'm looking forward to October!

Update 1


I need a post it that says : Stop being hard on yourself during readathons! Because all I can think is: "where has the time gone?" and  "I've only read what?"

Yeah it's a thing I keep doing :)
So far I've finished 3/4 th's of my e-book goal and read:

Summer Falls
Catherine, called Birdy

Judge Dredd: City Fathers

I also completed 4 mini-challenges!

I also Cheered for 1 hour!

Now back to reading

My Five Part Readathon Goal List:


2) E-Books

3) Graphic Novels:

 4) Physical Books:

5) RA, RA, RA !!!

I'm also taking two hours out of my reading to cheer on other readers! So look for Updates on the blog tomorrow!

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