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Journeys End: Review With All My Soul by Rachel Vincent & My Very First Character Blend!







Harlequin Teen


Ah! The agony and  ecstasy of the last volume of your favorite series. I had a lot of trepidation before starting this book I wanted to read it, to see the outcome of the lives of characters I’ve grown with, loved and lost with and literally bled with ( well they bled and I squirmed), Yet I also was a bit afraid to see how it all turned out, Kaylee and crew have some really tough enemies!


From the opening pages my heartstrings were tugged. Here were all my old friends :  Nash, Sabine (who knew? she’s grown on me!) , Tod, Sophie, Kaylee and Emma,  planning the mother of all battles. The last battle because recent events have left Kaylee raw, and angry. VERY ANGRY. So the team is putting their heads together to find a way to take down Avari the hellion that has ripped her world apart in so many ways.


The Amazing:

Rachel brings a multitude of plot threads together in this to give readers a satisfying ending with unexpected twists. What surprised me the most in this book was the presence of humor. There were some really funny bits that I didn’t expect due to the  imminent danger hanging over Kaylee and her friends heads. As the crew works out various options It becomes apparent that a sacrifice is required but who will it be? And how can the others live with the repercussions? Rachel’s solution was brilliant. She found a way to stay true to the expected repercussions going against Avari would entail, but also gave the readers and Kaylee one of the most satisfying ending to a series I’ve read in a while.


Ok, Ok, don't want to say to much and I also don't want to start bawling! Again! Such a wonderful read. If you haven't picked up these books now is a great time to start. I highly suggest the omnibus editions since they included the Soul Screamers novellas.    


Now For Something New:

A few years ago my aromatherapy teacher brought a special scent to class. It was based on the character Lyra from The Golden Compass. Recently I thought to make special blends of my favorite characters at the end of their literary journey’s

So here is my first one:


pictures 002 


For Kaylee’s blend I chose three oils that blended well together and also represented her life :)


An oil that represents grounding and strength. Kaylee always had these attributes naturally but she also has grown into them in the course of her story.



Lemon and Cedarwood together have a smoky unique scent that reminded me of the hellions world. My main reason for choosing it however is because lemon represents spring, growth and fidelity in love which those of you who have read WAMS will understand. :)



Rosemary is a very healing herb, it brings calm to body and mind but is mostly known for remembrance. There are many things we can move forward from but their are also memories and people that will always be in our thoughts.

So that's my take on Kaylee! I mixed the scent with water so I have a lovely stray to freshen up my house and car


So there you go! Much love to Rachel for creating a series that will always have a special place in my heart :)

Happy Reading!

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