Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Geeky Week Review: Husbands by Brad Bell and Jane Espenson









Dark Horse


I'm quite the Jane Espenson fangirl. I loved the creative touches she added to the Buffy franchise and more recently her online show Husbands.


I highly recommend you see the series, visit HERE to learn more about . What I love about the show is its humor and realistic look at the day to day challenges of new romance. The Husbands graphic novel takes Brady and Cheeks into various adventures that teach them lessons about themselves, love and commitment.

All six stories explore genres like: space adventure, spy stories, fairy tales and mystery. The art team is stellar, my favorite was the Archie themed tale, with its gorgeous colors that captured the look and feel of one of my favorite comic series.


Though the stories were enjoyable, I really would have enjoyed some more contemporary tales. I was hoping for more of the fun interplay that happens in the live action show. The graphics novel is still a fun read and easily accessible for new readers. Kudos to Dark Horse for bringing Husbands to the comic book world :)

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