Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Armchair BEA Day 2: Blogger Development & Genre Fiction


Armchair BEA 1



Blogger Development

Day 2 we talk about how we develop ourselves as bloggers.  Have you branched out into your community? Do you partner with other bloggers?  Have you gone "pro" or begun supplementing your income through your blog?  Are you a long-term blogger, and how has your online personality developed over the years?  These are simply ideas.  Think development and tell us what comes to mind.


My blogging has changed over the years. I’ve always been big on events, especially Readathons, but lately I’ve been choosing challenges that expand my reading Genre’s. I also have begun showcasing my love of comics and fandom through the weekly post My Geeky Week. I consider myself a long-term blogger and though I don’t think I will ever monetize my blog I do plan on updating the look of my Blog in the coming months.

  What draws you to a specific genre? Do vampires, zombies, or witches float your boat?  Or, do you prefer the heat of romance?  Recommend your favorite genres and/or books and help build reader TBR shelves a bit more!


Genre Fiction

I have always been drawn more towards Fiction than Non-Fiction books. Fantasy and Adventure books were the foundation of my reading life along with some classic Judy Blume. One of the hugest shifts in my reading began after I became a book blogger: I’ve become a YA enthusiast! I would say that Young Adult books account for about 40 % of the books I read. Horror and Paranormal account for another 40 %, with Graphic Novels, Romance and Middle grade books rounding out the remaining 20 %.


Zombie Fiction has also been one of my joys. There has been a rise in romantic and even erotic Zombie fiction which I don't really care for but I’m a huge fan of these books:


Zombies vs Unicorns Anthology

World War Z

Warm Bodies

Patient Zero

The Forest of Hands & Teeth




Know any good Zombie reads ? Let me know in the comments!


Krazzyme(Young Readers) said...

I get scared VERY easily so I stay away from scary books but I think it's time for me to atleast try to read one of these books.. Nice list

Alyssa Susanna said...

My Geeky Week! What a cute title! I'll have to search it :D

YA is an age level! But I think I know what you mean. Genres, girl, not age level! I've never "read" any graphic novels before! I've always wanted to pick one up :D

Zom-B - I've heard that one is good! I've always gotten a recommendation for that one. I shall look for it at my local public library, the next time I go! :D

Check out my post!

Anonymous said...

I like Zombie books too! I love Enclave (still need to read the second one) and enjoyed Ashes, but haven't read the second one in that series, either!

my armchair BEA post

Ems said...

I love the title of your feature! So cute!

My anxious life said...

I love Zombie books too! I didn't really think of them as their own genre but I guess they are anymore!!


Anonymous said...
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Jessica said...

I love the title of your feature! I'm still trying to think of a feature that will set me apart from other blogs. I have a confession-as a child I could watch zombie films, etc all day. As an adult I can't. I highly respect people who love zombie fiction. :)

Laurie C said...

The Reapers Are the Angels is a literary novel about life in the U.S. after a zombie pandemic. I listened to it on audio and it was amazing! (I don't know if you listen to audiobooks...)

Meg @ A Bookish Affair said...

You know, I don't think I've ever read any zombie fiction!

loreleimarsh said...

I love that you're showing your inner geek! Wil Wheaton says it's the most incredible thing to be a geek and I believe him. :) Tattooed Books

ahz1 said...

We did a feature on our blog called the Best Badass Zombie Books and it is one of our most popular posts. It never ceases to amaze me how much people love zombie books and now we have a whole new pile of books to read because of that post.

AH@Badass Book Reviews