Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Geeky Week Review: Doctor Who: Summer Falls by Amelia Williams

For Doctor Who fans this is a very important year, it's the 50th Anniversary of the popular show and so a multitude of tie-in books are planned. Summer Falls is one of them. Written by Amelia Williams ( Amy Pond to Who Fans) It tells the story of young Kate a girl recently moved to the small village of Watchcombe towards the end of Summer Break in the 1950's. Kate is frustrated with her home situation and the looming school year. As she explores the town she comes across an interesting man called the curator and a talking Cat!
She also finds a mysterious painting, The painting is actually a piece to a puzzle and when added to the other items triggers a spell that covers the town in winter. Now Kate must find a way to bring back summer. This was a fun read. I'm sure Doctor Who scholars could pick up some clues from the story that I missed, but It was quite obvious to me who the Doctor was :)
A nice story, a little expensive for the page count but I was pleased overall.

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