Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Geeky Week Spotlight: Geek Girls Unite & Write w/IGGPPC !


Happy Wednesday! Today I wanted to tell you about a wonderful fangirl community I recently discovered. IGGPPC started out as a pen pal group. Fangirls across the world have  registered and  matched with others to share e-mails, tweets and geeky cards or other geeky goodies.
I've had some great conversations with my match Renee and sent off  her card this week. Over the last couple of weeks I've been amazed at how fast the IGGPPC community has grown. The Blog has over 2,200 members and a variety of forums and groups have started: Arts and Crafts, Meet ups, Blogs, Book Reviews ( Which I will be contributing to), Writers forums and many more. I've had such a wonderful time connecting with these wonderful fangirls and as Round 4 of the the pen pal match ups are starting in mere hours I wanted to spotlight them on the blog to day.
How To Get Started
 Visit the IGGPPC blog HERE Click the link that says Pen Pals and sign up!
Then join the IGGPPC community by joining your House. There are 4 houses:
House Glados, House Granger, House Organa ( mine) and House Quinn.
Connect, Connect , Connect! Comment on the various threads or share your geeky/crafty ideas.
Right now there is a 30 Day photo challenge in progress, craft tutorials and many more fun activities. So happy to have found this amazing group of fangirls!


Sara said...

This look like a really, really cool idea... I'm definitely checking it out!

Thanks for stopping by The Hiding Spot and offering encouragement on Bout of Books! I hope it's going well for you as well!! :)

My anxious life said...

This looks really cool... thanks for posting about this.. off to check it out now!