Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review: Once Upon A Gypsy Moon by Michael Hurley



I was really drawn to the synopsis of this book. A true story about a man who seeks to step out of the shards of his life and take a literal and emotional voyage into the next phase of his life.

Michael speaks clearly and precisely about the events that lead him to his voyage on the Gypsy Moon. It is a story many can relate too. From financial success to near bankruptcy and the repercussions of infidelity on a family.

I liked Michael's honesty about his affair and could relate to his search for meaning in his life.

The sailing scenes are very accessible for the lay person. The initial parts of his voyage are clear and its is interesting watching how his initial journey morphs into a 2 year journey.

The problem I had with this book is I never really felt I truly got to know Michael.

Memoirs can be tricky things. How much do you tell? What should you hold back? The book is full of information and observation, but lacked heart. The reader is told a lot about what is going on or what the author is thinking and planning but the narrative only gives a small journey into the emotional landscape.

Despite that I was interested in the outcome of Michael's journey and was impressed by his perseverance.

I'd rate this 2 out of 5 stars


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