Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TOR/Forge Spotlight Week Day 2: Pandemonium by Warren Fahy


Ah! The joy of an unsolicited book in your review mailbox! Packages from Tor make my little fangirl heart sing! The anticipation as I rip that little cardboard strip. I wasn't familiar with Warren Fahy, nor had I heard much about this novel in the blogosphere. So I’m really happy to spotlight this author. Though it is a stand alone read, Pandemonium refers heavily to events and situations that occurred in  Fahy’s  previous novel Fragment. This doesn't hinder the readers enjoyment, instead it gives you a strong desire to read the previous book.

In very short order the reader is introduced to Nell and Geoffrey Binswanger. Nell is giving a talk about the couples recent experiences on Hender Island and the fascinating creatures they discovered there.  I really enjoy novels that blend science fact with fiction and Fahy’s description of potential life forms deep within the earth and seas sparked a genuine interest in the topic for me. It’s a masterful skill to make scientific extrapolation understandable to the lay person.

Lecture completed Nell and Geoffrey catch some much needed sleep before heading off to their Hawaiian honeymoon. The pair never make it. A dark limo pulls up and Russian billionaire Maxim temps the pair to join him on a scientific investigation. The pair cannot resist the chance to study the strange creatures Maxim has shown them, and the four million dollars he offers for a month of the couples time.

Doesn't this sound like the beginning of every horror/action movie you've ever seen? Pandemonium moves with the swiftness and heart stopping action of a movie thriller. Things go bad pretty  fast. Due to Maxim’s obsession the group find themselves trapped in an underground city slowly being overtaken with flesh eating organisms that have somehow escaped from Hender Island.
Though it’s been out for a few months this book has all the attributes of a great summer read. Lots of chills and thrills ! Really deserves a place on your summer reading list. :)

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