Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Geeky Week Review: Judge Dredd Volume 1 by Swierczynski & Daniel








Judge Dredd isn't an easily recognized character to American pop culture fans. In England the character is the star of a weekly comic book called 2000AD. Dredd is a grim keeper of the law in the overcrowded mega cities in a grim dystopian future world. In this volume we see Dredd in a series of adventures all with one reoccurring theme: Robots ignoring their directives. From sanitation bots refusing to clean up to protection robots refusing to act while their owners are getting robbed, something is upsetting mechanical programming and making the Judges lives hell!


Dredd is my guy :) I fell in love with the weekly edition of 2000AD in the 80’s and only stopped because of the rising cost of import comics. I’m so excited to read more Dredd from IDW. I’ve literally been craving more Dredd since their FCBD issue. Be warned there is quite a bit of violence in the series: gunfights, mad robots, clones exploding fruit, but its not overly glorified and really fits in with the overall tone of the book.


A great start to a series I will continue to buy as digital trades. To learn more about 2000 AD click HERE


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I didn't know that Dredd was big in the UK. Interesting. I am going to look for these comics!

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