Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Novella Week Review: Fallen from Grace: By M.J. Putney









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I read Dark Mirror last year and really enjoyed it. I had no idea the book was a trilogy! So I’m going to snap up book two really soon. Fallen from Grace is a free prequel that introduces us to Lord Allarde’s diary. In England during the 1800’s Allarde is a typical lord attending Eton. That is until his powers manifest themselves. In England magic is only practiced by the lower classes. Many lower classes support there selves in various trades with their genetic talents. For the Lords and Ladies of England magic means the loss of inheritance and title. For Allarde it is a larger tragedy because he is an only child. His family title would be lost unless he enters Lackland Abbey for magical rehabilitation .


Once he settles into the Abbey however Allarde becomes part of a secret group of magicians that seek to help their country in its darkest hour, the coming war against Napoleon. Drawn by the urge to protect his country and his growing feelings for fellow magician Lady Victoria force Allarde to choose between his family and his hearts desire.

This novella does a great job setting the stage for the stories in the Dark Mirror universe and give readers a deeper look at Allarde’s challenges. A solid read with a great excerpt of Dark Mirror.

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