Thursday, June 13, 2013

Novella Week Review: The First by Jason Mott






Prequel to : The Returned



The Returned;




If you haven’t heard about The Returned by Jason Mott you will! The hype machine is in full rev mode and frankly sometimes hype worries me. So it’s wonderfully smart of Harlequin to  release a trio of novella’s set in the world of The Returned to give readers a chance to learn more about the story and to experience Jason Motts writing style.



I’m going to be honest here. This story didn't blow me away. I was drawn in by the premise: Thousands of deceased family members are turning up with no explanation ( as yet) and no memory of their deaths. In The First we learn Edmund and Emily’s story. Edmund shows up at work one day wondering what has happened to his desk and why everyone is looking at him strangely. Emily sees Edmund on the news and goes through a variety of emotions and fears before she heads to her car and towards Edmund.


There was a glimmer of Jason’s immense talent in this story but I felt  the story required a great deal of connection to the characters I couldn't really feel yet. So I liked it but what comes after this story is amazing! A preview of the actual novel is included after the story and its amazing. The first chapter of the book grabbed me and I ‘m counting the days till I can read the full novel. Give this story a try but definitely add The Returned to your TBR pile.

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