Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review: The Human Division Episode 2 & 3 by John Scalzi






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I’m getting more and more drawn into this series! I just purchased episodes 4-6 and will be devouring them this weekend. In Episode 2 John shows his narrative prowess by giving us an interesting interlude. The setting is a wildcat ( unauthorized) colony. The inhabitants have been expecting a supply shipment but instead they find Malik Damanis a crewman aboard the ship Erie Morningstar.

Malik has an interesting tale about an attack on the ship and how he made it to the surface. As the story unfolds the reader sees how this story ties into the events of part one and is given a few more clues to the overall storyline.


Episode Three

In this episode we are back with Schmidt  and Ambassador Abumwe as they are about to engage in some sticky negotiations with an Alien race. The events from episode two come into play in this episode. I loved reading more of Schmidt, he is such a great character! I also loved how Scalzi can have the same dramatic tension in a boardroom as he does in his space scenes.


On to episode 4!

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