Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: The Human Division Part 4: A Voice In The Wilderness by John Scalzi









In this chapter readers get a look at life on Earth during the events of the overall Human Division story. Our guide is Albert Birnbaum, popular audio talk show host of Voice in the Wilderness. Unfortunately Albert’s show is on the decline and his job is in danger. That all changes when Michael Washington approaches him. Michael knows way more about Albert’s life than he should and offers him an opportunity to gain back his ratings and popularity. All Albert needs to do is offer a certain point of view. A point of view that isn't very popular on Earth. Albert’s Voice begins a very active supportive platform for the Colonial Union, and he finds an audience hungry for some one to blame for their struggles and something to pin their hopes on for a better future. The Colonial Union.


Fame, ratings, and money begin to flow and it appears to the public that Albert really believes the rhetoric he is spewing. Albert thinks he has it all,but every deal has a price and Albert’s will be very high indeed.


Guys. I’m running out of adjectives! Buy these novellas! Or buy the shiny new book that collects all the chapters. Then come here and fangirl (or boy ) out with me about its awesomeness :) TTFN

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