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Fangirl Summer Guest Post: Respect Her Geek by Charles Ellington





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Maybe I was born under a lucky star or perhaps It’s due to growing up in a college town, but I never had any problems growing up geek. In fact I had no labels for my interests, they just existed. In my late teens I graduated from the world of Archie and Dell comics to DC and Marvel in the late eighties/ early nineties and discovered my first Direct comics shop: Whirligig Comics where I eventually ended up working at part time.


Though I did have the power to draw a multitude of stares at my local conventions ( like many other female fans I’m sure !), I ever was challenged for attending or made to feel unwelcome, When I began using social media a few years ago i was very pleased to find a plethora of female fans on the web! Not only where these woman fans of the comics industry, many of them worked in the field as  independent reviewers, social media directors and  in press capacities at many high profile companies.


Unfortunately I  also noticed a tremendous backlash in the comments sections from male fans  when these women dared to question they way women were portrayed in the books they read ,and the games they played.


There are however two bright spots in the midst of these situations : First off the tremendous support these women give to each other online and secondly the moral and vocal support of a growing number of male fans. Today I have one of those guys : Charles Ellington of Geek and Eats. I found Charles on twitter. As a fellow Green Lantern fan I’ve enjoyed many conversations with Charles about DC comics and a variety of other topics.   On the eve of San Diego Comic-Con I asked Charles to give some tips  on connecting with female fans. Enjoy and be sure to visit Charles’s site for great recipes and geeky conversation.




Respect Her "Geek"

Hello friends I was recently asked to write a post on fanboys connection with fan girls especially now with it being "con season”. To sound like a grouchy old fanboy "back in my day there were almost no fan girls, but now a day’s almost just as many woman are talking, tweeting, blogging or podcasting about comics, video games and sci-fi movies and TV shows”. I’m no expert but here's my attempt to help my fellow fanboys on connecting and being respectful of our “sisters in fandom".

Thanks to certain TV shows and movies it’s become cool to be a geek/nerd and I'm sure there's a lot of "fake fanboys" as there are “fake fangirls". So when a female walks into your local comic book store don't assume she's a fake or just buying something for her boyfriend or brother. Guys for God's sake don't just stare at her either it's rude and creepy.
When online and a woman pops up talking about a comic or video game or movie don't turn into "geek snob" and disrespect her opinion, I'm sure there's someone out there that thinks they know more than you so respect her views and don't think you have to talk down to her just cause she's a female. Now, if a fangirl responds to your YouTube, Blog post, Tweet or Friends you on Facbook don't automatically think she wants to "get with you" get over yourself player and just enjoy having a conversation with a fellow fan who happens to be a woman, you never know, you might end up making a real friend.

Now that it's comic book convention season and almost every city has one don't disrespect your "sister" fans, remember how you may have been treated as a fanboy? Just imagine what a lot of woman have to deal with being a "geek girl" so remember when you see a girl dressed as your favorite anime character or comic book heroine, keep your hands to yourself and respect her "Geek".
Until next time stay hungry and geeky my friends 

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