Saturday, July 20, 2013

Fangirl Summer Review: Doctor Who Series: Volume 1 Winters Dawn & Seasons End




I received a digital download of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my review.





IDW has really been doing a great job with their Doctor Who comics. This graphic novel reprint has two stories with two of The Doctor’s favorite companions : Amy & Rory. In the first story “The Hypothetical Gentleman” the doctor is trying unsuccessfully to get Amy & Rory to a perfect locale for their wedding anniversary. Instead the trio discover a shadow from an alternate dimension, trying to get a foothold in our dimension. There are mad chases, dangerous situations and of course the doctor sorting out all things in the end. Barely :)

My favorite story in this collection is The Doctor and The Nurse written by Brandon Seifert the Doctor takes Amy and Rory to 18th century England. Amy decides she wants a bit of time to herself so she sends the “boys” off for some quality binding time. It doesn't go well. The two manage to travel everywhere except back to Amy! Brandon does a great job with the characters and situations in this story! He really captures the spirit of all the characters.


It’s a wonderful gift for fans of the BBC America Doctor Who show to have this additional source of entertainment between television seasons.




IDW is going to be at SDCC ! I’m looking forward to seeing them and getting some signed books :)

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