Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fangirl Summer Review: Molly Danger Volume One by Jamal Igle , Castro & Fajardo JR.










I was so excited when I received my digital download of this book! Molly is my first Kickstarter reward. It’s been wonderful watching the book develop from concept to finished project through Jamal’s email updates. Molly succeeds on many levels but it’s most prominent feature is that it is an all ages comic book.

This first volume gives us a glimpse into Molly’s world. It is a lonely one. Molly is a valuable asset and unfortunately that means keeping her on permanent lockdown when she isn't out on a mission . Molly has no friends outside of the D.A.R.T support staff whose jobs are to guide her missions and provide for her personal needs.

Things change however when new employee Austin Briggs comes into Molly’s life. Austin dopiest do well with rules and being in Molly’s life causes him to break one of D.A.R.T.’s strongest rules: not getting personally involved with Molly.


This first volume is a strong foundation for stories to come. The best news is that Action Lab Comics is reprinting this first volume for those who missed out on the Kickstarter campaign. I hope to see more volumes of this book real soon.



If you are at SDCC this year be sure to stop by the Action Lab booth and check out Molly and some other great offerings from the company.

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