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Fangirl Summer Review: Princeless Volume 2 : Get Over Yourself

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I received complimentary downloads of this series in exchange for a review.


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Action Lab Comics

Volume Two of Princeless finds Adrienne, Bedelia and Spark continuing their journey to free the princesses of the Ash family, Their next task is to free Princess Angelica. However things aren't going very well. The girls discover Adrienne in her guise as the armored warrior is a wanted fugitive accused of murdering…  herself! Or rather princess Adrienne.

The news of their outlaw status fails to deter Adrienne from her mission but complications keep coming up wherever they turn . Not only have the girls picked up a “stray” poet they also find Angelica  isn’t looking to be rescued at all! Instead of a lonely woman in a tower Adrienne finds Angelica ruling over  a thriving artistic village devoted to creating all manner of trinkets and artwork for her pleasure.

Throw in a warrior hunter who has finally tracked the fugitives down and one angry Guardian beast and you have some serious problems for the girls to overcome.

This second series has a great balance of humor and action. There is also a lot more information given about the dynamic of King Ash’s family and an interesting mystery surrounding the Queen. Princeless is a wonderful example of how a diverse character can easily carry a comic book title. What was really wonderful was how quickly Adrienne is defined by her actions and even her personality. Yes of course what  continues to make Princeless unique is its racially diverse lead, but what I noticed most with this second series is how the adventures have made her a character that I have connected with. She has just become Adrienne to me. :)

This series is available in four individual issues now on Comixology with a digital trade coming soon. If you are at #SDCC This week be sure to visit the Action Lab booth!!


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