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Fangirl Summer Review: The Thrilling Adventure Hour Graphic Novel






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I received a complimentary download of this book from Netgalley In exchange for a review.


For the past couple of months I have been hearing a lot of positive twitter buzz about a show called The Thrilling Adventure Hour, at the CORONET theater in Los Angeles. Thrilling Adventures is a large stage production of  various stories in the tradition of old time radio. The show has been held monthly since 2005 and routinely sells out.



Though I haven't seen the show yet I had no problem following the stories. I loved the artwork for Sparks Nevada Marshal on Mars. Robot bad guys and Red sun do nothing to deter Sparks frontier justice. Great story and action. Another favorite of mind is Phillip Fathom Deep Sea Detective. This was so fun. Take a gumshoe detective similar to the Creature from the Black Lagoon and put him in a noir themed story with some madcap villains. So fun!


Captain Laserbeam  has a Flash Gordon/ Disney feel to it with some great action. Jefferson Reid Ace American had some great zombie action and a fun female character.


My two stars of this anthology for me where Amelia Earhart Fearless Flier (a great adventure with Amelia and some pirates) and Beyond Belief starring Frank and Sadie Doyle, Park Avenue socialites with a habit of stumbling into and solving supernatural disasters.


This was a really fun read and I feel like I’ve had a mini primer for what is to come this Friday night!



Thrilling Adventure Cast


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