Monday, July 15, 2013

Fangirl Summer : SDCC Spotlight : POP by Funko






Fiction State of Mind-03




I first discovered FUNKO two years ago, when I did an interview with them at COMIC CON . I was really impressed with the quality of the figures and the wonderful SDCC only Exclusives they were selling. The spotlight for my interview that year was for their Disney line which is amazing! 

I was really drawn to the figures, especially the Superhero ones but I didn't buy any that year or in the years since. Why? Because I was going through a “I’ve got to much stuff phase” . Book lovers and comic collectors will know the feeling. I just couldn’t get into any new obsessions at the time. And then POP came out with this:




Totally not fair FUNKO !! How could I resist Jon Snow?? I couldn't so I brought him. These figures are marvelously detailed and affordable. So once the door was opened what else could I do but get another : 




The figure I have is the one on the right side of the picture, a giant Batman!! Ok I will confess there was a little hugging and freaking out the cat with Bat’s before I placed him on my bookshelf. 

To open or not to open is always a question collectors have with figures but I really love opening mine. The great thing about these figures is they clean very easily, just a few wipes with a cloth and any dust is easily cleared.


Barnes & Nobel is a great place to pick up Pop figures on clearance which is how I got this Preciousssss :




And rounding out my current collection :





Her are  some figures I hope to collect at some point:




I’m also very pleased that Pop has a wide range of female figures. All of them are wonderfully sculpted and are so true to the characters. Pop figures are perfect all age friendly toys for Fangirls young and old :)





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So It’s official I’m a POP Fangirl ! Here are some figures I’ll be on the hunt for next weekend:


San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Exclusive Blood Splattered The Governor The Walking Dead Pop! Television Vinyl Figure by Funko 



Who knew horror could be so cute!! I hope I’ve interested you enough to check these figures out for gifts or for your personal Hoarding! Now if Funko would only make figures based on fictional characters.


My anxious life said...

I love these too! I have a Superman one and a Wonder Woman one! I want some Disney ones but haven't bought any yet!

~Jennifer~ said...

I love them all, lol. I really want Marceline and Daryl Dixon. ;) I'd love love love to go to Comic Con one of these years. I want to go! Badly!