Monday, July 1, 2013

The Beats Giveaway: Music of a Movement Win a $10.00 Itunes Gift Card

I've really enjoyed this Reading Event! Though there have been a few books that I couldn't get into, I'm grateful to this event for bringing some new authors into my life.

In every great societal shift the written word and music are a great source of inspiration. I wondered what if any musicians were inspired by Beat writers and I was pleasntly suprised!

Morrison and the Beatles were both inspired by the Beat generation. In fact the "a" in the spelling is thought to be a refrence to the Beat movement.

Burroughs   artist refrences include Mister Heartbreak by Laurie Anderson and Soft Machine who named themselves after Burroughs book.

U2 has also confirmed inspiration from Beats writers.

 Tom Waits  wrote a song called "Jack and Neal" and recorded "On the Road" A song written by Kerouac after he finished writing the book.

Steely Dan took their name form a steam powered sexual aide From the book  Naked Lunch. Burroughs worked with the artists Sonic Youth, R.E.M. and Kurt Cobain. There is even a jazz group who has created a song called "Naked Lunch".

This is just a sampling of the inspiration The Beat's writers and poets inspired in the past and the present.
Now for the Giveaway! One Winner will get a $10.00 I tunes giftcard to try some of these great artists or for your own listening choices :)
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Victoria Zumbrum said...

Yes I love to listen to music while reasding. Doing both is so relaxing. Thanks for the giveaway.

Bethany C. said...

I have to listen to music at a different time; it's too distracting when I read.

tarter95 said...

No. I like to totally concentrate on what I am reading and I love music, so if I play it, my mind is there...not on reading..

Roof Beam Reader said...

Thanks for the aswesome giveaway - I know The Beat writers and musicians/artists were very closely related, and many artists/writers since have been influenced by this generation. I'm sure all the other Beats of Summer participants appreciate your generosity (and very groovy idea, I might add!) I love the Beatles and have always wondered about the spelling, but never bothered to look into it.. interesting stuff!

Elaine said...

i don't. i like silence!