Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fangirl Summer Review: Star Wars The Clone Wars Episode Guide






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The Clone Wars TV show finished its fifth and final season this year. It’s been a wonderful ride and I’m looking forward to the October release of the season five DVD set. This book by DK is a wonderful companion to the series. The book covers all 108 episodes of the series in a very unique way. The episodes are listed in order of the Clone Wars storyline. I really didn't notice that these episodes were being shown out of order! I guess because a lot of the episodes are in  two. three or even four parts. So this weekend I’m attempting to watch as many episodes as I can in their  chronological order.


Fans can also look up the titles of their favorite episodes by title and season. Each episode gets a two page spread that lists the notable characters in the episode, the vehicles involved and a graph that lists the airdate of the episode as well as the season it aired and the writer and director. There are also little circles that give behind the scenes info about the making of the episode. All these features give fans a great look at the creation of the episodes from many different ways.


I’m love this book! Ill be reading the entries for each episode I watch. Look for updates on my viewing this weekend on Twitter @yogikai under the hashtag #Clone2








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My anxious life said...

Honestly I am annoyed that the series was just canceled it on CN. I hear it might come back on Disney HD but still... it annoyed me.