Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fangirl Summer Review: Star Wars Clone wars Adventures Volume 10



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The Clone Wars Adventures comics have become very popular. The books combine the adventures of the Clone Wars series in the Comic book format in small digest size books perfect for little hands :) The books however are all ages reads so when I saw volume 10 at my local library I decided to pick up a copy.


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This volume has four stand alone stories that cover different facets of the Clone Wars universe. In Graduation Day four padawans take on an army of droids with teamwork and force skills.


Thunder Road is an adventure with Anakin and Obiwan that is reminiscent of the fun interplay the two had in Episode II. I especially liked the art on this story. It really fit the story as our two Jedi are on the run from some criminal elements.


Waiting is a clone story about the perils of guard duty on an alien planet. A little bit of slapstick fun .

Chain of Command  I really liked this story because it featured a very interesting Jedi Master: Anise I’Zak. Anise is very quirky and prone to mishaps. Her  dedication to her missions however is powerful and is instrumental in her success.


A really nice volume, perfect for young readers and adults. Check them out!

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