Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fangirl Summer : Zombie Spotlight : 80’s Undead Issue 1 by Martin & McKay











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I received a digital download of this book in exchange for a review.


Action Lab Comics has really become known for it’s all ages comic books and the Eisner Nominated book Princeless. There is however another side to Action Lab that has been putting out some interesting adult themed books under the imprint Danger Zone. So being a Zombie Fangirl I was so excited to receive a download of 80’s Undead. This book is a 3 issue series being released Bi-Monthly.


Subtitled Night of The Coke- Heads, this book is very over the top but intriguing. The first few pages are primer of sorts where major themes of the 80’s are outlined and the reader learns about a stash of contaminated cocaine, and then switches the focus to   our main characters Linda and Sarah.  The two girls are on their way to a party. After being bored for a few hours Sarah convinces Linda to crash the party next door.


The second party is much wilder. Like coke addicted zombies eating each other wilder. This book was wayyy over the top! The art is bright and poppy and the characters really capture the feels of the 80’s. I’d encourage zombie fans to check it out and see if they connect with it.

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