Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fangirl Summer: Zombie Spotlight: Swamp Thing Vs The Zombie Pets By Sazaklis & Baltazar









I’ve already shared how much I love the Capstone DC Super-Pets books. So when I saw this book at Comic-Con I couldn’t pass it up! Swamp Thing is known in the DC Universe as a character that has experienced and become a part of a lot of Horror. So I was interested to see how the Super-Pets franchise would treat the character.

This story is very cutely done. Swampy and his pets, The Down Home Critters are relaxing in their swamp. They are interrupted by the arrival of Batman and Ace the Bat hound. Batman needs Swamp Things help to put out a dangerous fire a few miles away and has brought Ace to help protect the swamp while they are absent.


Good thinking on Batman’s part because the Swamp is soon invaded by Solomon Grundy and his Undead Pet Club! Soon a pet battle ensues! The Down Home Critters are doing grate until Grundy uses his powers to animate a whole cemetery full of deceased pets. Luckily Swampy and Bats return just in time to help with the battle an foster a little friendship between the two groups of pets.


I loved the artwork in this book! Art Baltazar does a great job of making the pets look creepy without being overly terrifying. A wonderful book ! Such a fangirl of this series. 

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