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My Geeky Week : Spotlight on Banned Comics &Fighting for Your point of View







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These Great Images are from CBLDF & ALA


Last week my Edge of Empire RPG group had a geeky debate. It started with one of our group commenting on how Obi-Wan Kenobi is just a huge liar :) I laughed and I said well “I guess that all depends on your point of view”. I thought of that conversation as I prepared my banned book posts. It’s become clear to me that the foundation of those who argue against a specific book being in a school room, or a public library  are their attempts to enforce their point of view on others.


The issue becomes even more murky when children become involved.  So it is no surprise that the largest battle ground for banned books are in classrooms and school libraries across the nation.

I do believe that parents have a right to a say in what books their children are exposed to but they do not have the right to control what other parents may find acceptable for their families or to limit access to those books to the general public who aren't parents.


Comic Books have always had a history of being challenged. From physical book burnings to congressional hearings comics have consistently been challenged by those seeking to “protect the innocent”.


Here are a few of the most frequently challenged Comics/Graphic Novels:

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I’ve read and loved all of these! I find that the complaints: sexuality, profanity,nudity really missed the point of the books. In fact I don't even think those that challenged the book even read it in its entirety.


Fighting For Your Point of View

Staying Informed

Even if you aren’t directly effected by a banning it’s important to take steps to protect your reading rights.

For comics fans the most important and easiest way to do this is to join the CBLDF



The CBLDF website is the best place to find out about any challenges towards comic fans reading rights as well as seeing the results of  your donations through their successful litigation cases spotlighted on the blog.


To protect the availability  of graphic novels in your public library the best resource is the Newsletter on Intellectual Freedom. This site hosted by the American Library Association, updates readers about books that are in danger of being pulled from shelves.


Challenge Censorship


Getting Riled about censorship is only half the battle. Failure to take action is the same as agreement. Here are some suggestions:

Support where you read

If you hear about a book being censored or challenged report it to the ALA, attend a council meeting discussing the topic, Send a letter to a local newspaper or write a blog post defending the material.


Support Your Local Schools & Libraries

Start a Parent & Child Graphic Novel club at your school or Library

Donate comics & Graphic Novels

Donate money for the purchase some manga or GN’s for your local library


Hope this post encourages you to be more active in your community!


Happy Reading!

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