Friday, September 13, 2013

Two Masters, Two Must Read Books: Joyland & The Ocean at The End of The Lane






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Two Masters released two books this summer that toped my best of summer reading experiences.



Everything about Joyland is an experience: From the noir influenced cover, the little Hard Case Crime logo, to the actual experience of holding and turning the pages, since the book is only available in print format. Yet like all of King’s books there is more to this story underneath the surface. Joyland is the first person narrative of  college student Devin Jones. Devin is spending the summer working at Joyland.  The work days are long and hot yet Devin somehow thrives, he makes to wonderful friends, finds a hidden talent for entertaining while wearing the ‘fur” and he experiences the deepest heartbreak of his young life when his girlfriend breaks up with him right before a planned reunion.


Devin decides to take a year off of school and work full time at the park. During this time the pleasant facade of the park begins to tear apart and a deep secret is revealed. I loved this story! It was a snapshot into a different time and wonderfully creepy . There is also the classic Kingesque young boy who “knows” things. A perfect summer or Fall read :)


The Ocean at The End of The Lane

I kept this book for over a week before I read it. I knew from the description of the book i would love it. Ocean is a story of childhood and memory. As the protagonist of our story returns to his childhood home the doors to his memory swing open and he remembers a series of events long forgotten and a girl with her own personal ocean. I loved everything about this story. The characters and situations resonated with me for days, pure joy in every page .  


Highly recommend both of these books!! Happy Reading!

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Michelle Miller said...

We're reading Joyland in October for TuesBookTalk. I can't wait!