Thursday, October 31, 2013

Clean Out Your E-Reader Challenge Starting Line & Update Post






Today is the kickoff of this challenge hosted by Fantasy Is More Fun/ Because Reading is Better This is the post where I will be updating my progress throughout the month.

My reading list so far:


Netgalley Novellas :

15724014 16147985




17397760 13641105




Netgalley Graphic Novels

17465444 18010028


And Many more ! Happy Reading Everyone


Berls said...

Great list!! I've been planning to read Waterfell (hopefully this month) and I recently started on the Downside Ghosts but haven't made it past book 2 yet. Can't wait for your reviews. Good luck :)

shaunesay said...

Nice! Those all look fantastic! several authors I've heard of, I didn't know there was a Plants Vs. Zombies book, that's too funny! Enjoy your reading this month!

Kat @ Notes on Novels said...

Another "spring cleaner" at the #coyer challenge! I'm aiming for 5 to 10 books aswell.
I love that you've got two graphic novels on your list. I've never tried reading one of those. So I'll be looking out for your reviews.

Cheers, Katarina :)