Wednesday, October 16, 2013

HallowReads Anthology Spotlight : Eternal by P.C. Cast and Various

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Ben Bella
I’ve had this book on my reader for over a year. I was drawn to it because of the stellar cast of writers. To be honest I’m a bit burned out of Vampire stories, but I thought the romantic angle would make the book more enjoyable. There were a few really good stories in this book, here are my favorites:

This story is set in the world of Claudia Gray’s Evernight series but it is also a stand alone read. Set in Boston in 1944 this story revolves around Patrice and Charlie, young lovers in a time of war. Their passion is strong yet Charlie is loyal to his military obligations. When Charlie  becomes MIA, Patrice uses her Vampire powers to rescue him and consummate their love for eternity, or so she thinks.
Really solid story. It was refreshing that the main characters in the story were Black. I really love when authors add diverse characters to their stories.

Say Yes
This is a dark little tale by Lili St. Crow about board adolescents looking for a thrill in their mundane lives. What the  girls accept into their life however is death, even though its wrapped in the most seductive of packages. Lots of chills and a twist ending.
Letters to Romeo
This story by Nancy Holder is my favorite in the anthology. This is the story of an undead Romeo searching the world for the reincarnation of his Juliet. It is a desperate search but aided by modern technology he finds her and now wants to make Juliet his once again for eternity. Nancy does a great job capturing the essence of Romeo as his desire causes him to make desperate choices. Choices that keep him in a fog of manic behavior that blinds him to the true beauty in his midst. Such a touching story, I got misty eyed for a bit at the end.

So though this book is a little light on the terror side it was entertaining overall.

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