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HallowREADS Anthology Spotlight: Fear by R.L. Stine & Various





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After Reading my First Stine book (A Midsummer Night Scream) book, I was interested in reading some more from him. I discovered this teen anthology featuring stories from a variety of authors including one of my favorite Heather Brewer.

The Anthology starts out pretty strongly with a story from Stine about the power of peer pressure. In Welcome To The Club, JJ is the new kid in town. A transplant from Texas he works in a rundown Diner with a horrible boss. When he is given a dare from the cool kids in town he must decide what lengths he will take to find a group to belong to. Not a lot of terror but a nice twist ending.


She’s Different Tonight  by Heather Graham is a short little cautionary tale about how the Hunter becomes the Hunted. Nice twist and interesting to see Heather Graham writing in a different genre.


Shadow Childrenwas the highlight of this book for me. Heather takes the concept of monsters under the bed to a whole new level as vicious shadow creatures come into the lives of two brothers. Really high on the creep- o –meter

Piney Power horror master F.Paul Wilson also brought the chills. Besides  these four stories  I really didn't enjoy the rest of the book.

I find this is always the way for me with anthologies. Anthologies have the potential to be  a mixed bag, yet I still plug away at them :) It is definitely a book worth exploring and other readers may connect with stories in a different way than I did. That’s what's so cool about putting a bunch of stories under one cover.


This is my 4th book for R.I.P   VIII Peril The First  



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