Tuesday, October 29, 2013

HallowREADS: Loving Jack Review: Nightmare Before Christmas: The Film, The Art, The Vision

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When we first see a film that we love our natural impulses lead us to try to find away to bring that magic home. If your beloved film just happens to be a Disney film than there are various opportunities to do this. I was fortunate to see Nightmare in the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. In the basement of the theater we got a look at the original sets from the film which was such a treat! Soon I was at my local bookstore buying all the tie-in books available. This book works on many levels.
In the opening pages we get a forward from Tim himself, detailing the origins of the story along with the his very first illustration of Jack, The Mayor and Sally. There are also excerpts from Tim’s poem which was the inspiration for the storybook and the movie.

The book also  gives us the complete lyrics for all the songs from the movie, and an in depth look at production art. The last part of the book focus on the amazing stop motion camera crew. Stop motion is a passion of Tim’s and its very demanding work. The book shows the detailed sets and how each scene was created.
This book is a must have for fans that want a complete look at the origins and production of a Disney holiday classic :)

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Anonymous said...

20 years? Surely not. *cough* To date myself, I saw it when it premiered. That was also my freshman year in college. They showed it in the big ol' movie palace in downtown Lincoln, NE. Beautiful theater, huge *curved* screen, great movie. I'm surprised they didn't do a wide theatrical re-release. I'd love to see it again that way.