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HallowREADS Review: The Fall of the House of Usher by Poe, Manning & Jimenz

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Capstone/Stone Arch Books

This is my second Poe graphic novel from Stone Arch Books, and though I have a few more to read I’m calling this one my favorite! I used the same format as with the Tell-Tale Heart review , I read the graphic novel first and then the story.


Graphic Novel

From the opening pages the artistic team on this book really set the mood. The primary shades in the art in this volume are gray and green. Starting with the glowing green letter that sets our protagonist off to the mist shrouded, crumbling House of Usher. Here the reader meets Roderick, a pale sickly man burdened with madness and panic. There is a taut, expectant feel to this book, the stage  is set for something dark to happen. The reader doesn't have to wait too long as Roderick’s once glimpsed sister  Madeline, is declared dead. Roderick demands that she be entombed in a coffin, nailed shut and left deep in the catacombs beneath the house.


However nothing in the House of Usher remains buried for long, and things unearthed lead to the destruction of all. Wonderfully creepy both in prose and illustration.

Short Story

I really struggled with this story in prose form. It was slow and not as atmospheric as the graphic novel, or as scary. Still Poe does a great job at portraying tortured characters.



This is my third short story for R.I.P. VIII

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Priya said...

I find most of Poe's stories a bit slow and long winded. I haven't tried any graphic novel version though, but I will!