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HallowREADS Review: It Came From The Dollar Bin! NIGHTSTALKERS Issue 5




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I love when my comic shop Earth 2 does its sidewalk sales. I always get tons of goodies! This months sale yielded a lot of Horror themed books from the 90’s to the present in the sale staple: The Dollar Bin! So I’m going to be reviewing one or two a week through out October.

Nightstalkers 5 was published in 1993 and was a nice little twisted read. The Nightstalkers consist of Vampire Hunters Blade, Frank Drake who combines magic with big guns and Hannibal King a detective who straddles two worlds: life and death. The trio run Borderline Investigations by day and hunt down mystical evil doers by night.

Guys this issue was so much fun! It’s full of horror twists and 90’s hallmarks. Along with vicious wolves, and eldritch energies.

Big Guns, Bigger Guns, Rippled Bodies

The story opens with a coven of robed figures calling to their “vile masters’ through animal sacrifices. Frank Drake busts through the scene guns blazing. You know the kind, those 90’s guns that were uber large and more often than not were held by the characters at groin range ;)


Then enters King ( in a full on cape no less) and Blade with another kind of Guns: Biceps, knives and such. The leader Shiv escapes and terrorizes an innocent family with deadly results. The innocent victims attract the attention of The Punisher (90’s Punisher with guns even bigger than Blades!) There is a wonderful edge to this story. There is enough of a story to get your moneys worth with this issue but I’m feeling the need to read the rest of this series.

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fakesteph said...

I need to find a local comic book store! I always love comic books when I read them, but I'm not always sure where to start.