Tuesday, October 22, 2013

HallowREADS Zombie Spotlight: Night of the 80’s Undead Issue 2 by Martin & McKay







halloween-Kai 2




Action Lab/ Danger Zone

I received a digital download of this comic in exchange for a review.


In this second issue 80’s Undead continues to go over the top with 80’s references an cocaine craving zombies that aren't above chomping on humans as well. Or heroine Sarah and her friend Linda are still at the party to end all parties as issue 2 starts. They come across a room scattered with cocaine and blood which really freaks Sarah out. Linda decides to have a little “one on one” session with one of the party goers and discovers that tainted blow and sex reallllly don't mix well !

The art continues to combine bloodiness with four color brightness and 80’s cameos. Lots of laughs peppered with gasp worthy adult situations. This is a fun read for Zombie fans.

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