Sunday, October 20, 2013

Netflix Challenge:31 In 31: Update One: A Mummy, A Bat, and A Raven


I love watching scary movies on TV and in the movie theaters during October.I reminds me of my first Introduction to horror movies. when I heard about the Netflix streaming horror challenge I decided to try to watch thirty-one horror and suspense movies throughout the month of October. Here are the movies I’ve finished so far:


Total Movies: 8


Universal Monsters

Hand of the Mummy & Mummy’s Curse




Ah such nostalgia for these films. I don’t remember seeing this movie when I was younger, but I really  enjoyed it. The movie mostly relies on stellar acting of Boris Karloff. The same goes for Dracula. Bela owns every aspect of this movie.  I loved the way he moved in every scene :)





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The Raven


This 2012 movie stars John Cusack as the struggling author Poe. When a killer starts to reenact scenes from his  stories. Poe begins to consult on the

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