Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Share 13: Welcoming Halloween





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Halloween is Thursday! I really love this time of year. Though I won’t be attending any parties I have a week full of reading and watching books and movies that chill and thrill!


Books On Tap

554481  11827783


7737900  17039870



All the books above are on my TBR Pile for the week

Scary Movies

My DVR is full of classic and recent Horror movies:



220px-28_days_later 220px-Twenty_eight_weeks_later

Vincent Price:

The Raven

The Tingler

House on Haunted Hill

House of Wax


Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Shaun of The Dead

28 Days

Horror Series

Friday The 13th




What’s a good movie marathon without some snacks? I will have popcorn (of course) and some chocolate but I also will have some Holiday themed treats:


I had such a flashback moment when I saw this cereal at Target. I loved getting this cereal along with Count Chocula and Boo Berry! I hope it tastes as good as I remember.



Fall also makes me crave baked apples. My favorite treat lately has been these from Trader Joes:





Reading Life


I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump! I think two back to back Readathons had me pretty booked out :) I’m getting my reading flow back and my total books read to date is : 305


Happy Reading! & Happy Halloween!!

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