Friday, October 25, 2013

Zombie Spotlight: Review World War Z Audio book by Max Brooks & Various








Random House




I’ve been such a huge fan of Max Brooks since I read his Zombie Survival Guide. When I was at San Diego Comic-Con over the summer I stumbled across Max signing at a booth and grabbed a copy of the audio book for $5.00 and was able to fangirl over him a bit and get it signed :)  The audio version that matches the cover of the book above is an abridged version. The entire run of this book is six hours and it covers five discs.

This is such a stellar cast and production! The discs have great sound effects that fade in and out at appropriate times. Max Brooks plays the role of The Interviewer, a reporter who has accumulated a lot of source material on mankind's survival from the Z epidemic. The Interviewer travels the globe interviewing men and women at key areas of infestation all voiced by a stellar cast:

Carl Reiner

Jurgen Prochnow

Mark Hamill

Henry Rollins

Rob Reiner

Becky Ann Baker

Just to name a few. What makes this book stand out so much is the large amount of dramatic tension Max is able to create considering the reader knows that somehow mankind somehow recovers from the zombie Invasion. I looked forward to my daily commute and the next disc in the series. I'll confess to missing a few exits on the freeway and even sitting in my car to catch the end of a chapter. My favorite actor in the series was Mark Hamill. I’m so blown away by his vocal range when it comes to developing characters. Mark plays Todd Wainio a soldier who was on the frontlines of many of the East Coast’s fiercest battles. Mark adds a wonderful gritty edge  to his voice and excels at the military jargon.


Recently Random House released an unabridged version of this adaption so I’m looking forward to adding it to my collection. 

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